Real Estate Email Marketing: Finding the Balance

Real estate email marketing may be more effective than you thinkThis is a great article that was written by Hannah Kennedy at Fathom Online Marketing. It underscores the importance and value of real estate email marketing and emails in reaching your database. With IXACT Contact’s real estate contact management system, you can send unlimited drip emails and 1,000 free mass emails per month. Make sure you’re taking advantage of IXACT Contact’s Activity Plans and Mass Email features to connect with your prospects and clients. Drip marketing is a breeze with IXACT Contact because of the advanced real estate email marketing system built-in. Here at IXACT, we believe that while direct mail is still important and should never be discounted, it should be supplemented with email marketing, which is more cost effective.

Did you know – direct mail marketing has a cost estimating from $1 to $6 per individual with a response rate as little as 2%? If you are targeting a group of 1000 people, that could cost you anywhere from $1000 to $6000 per campaign! Not to mention all of the “behind the scenes” work such as designing, printing and sending. So the real question to ask – is it worth it?

Email has become one of the most successful and (usually) painless communication tools we have seen this century. Not only is email used to send a cat wearing a sombrero and doing the cha-cha slide Happy Birthday e-card to your friend, but also to engage a specific audience. Email marketing is not only fast and affordable, but effective.

An email campaign could run you $20 to $50 per month for a delivery to 1,000 clients. By picking up email, you have already helped cut your direct mail costs by 200%. Aside from the affordability email offers, it also has a response rate of 40-60%. Much better than a measly 2%, don’t you agree?

With email, you could:

  • Be in control of how your company is viewed by keeping your consumers in the loop.
  • Give them the choice of taking immediate action that generates the results they’re looking for.
  • Exclude segments for those who aren’t interested in what you’re delivering, and send them a separate message containing information that will engage them.
  • Track your results; see who opened your message, who promoted them to others, what links they clicked, and where they ended up.

With email (and that incredible Forward This Message button), you’re not only sending to your database, but to their friends, their friends-friends, and the list is on-going.

All in all, find your balance. Mailing the same thing to the same person each month is not going to help your response rate, but neither is sending the same spammy email. Test a little of both to see if it helps your conversion rates. Personalizing your material will only help you.