Top 10 Reasons You Need a Real Estate CRM

There are lots of reasons you might need a real estate CRM, but we’ve outlined the Top 10 that apply to most agents:

Real Estate CRM

1. Lead Capture

You are generating dozens of new leads every day – but you don’t have hours to spend manually entering all of their information into you phone, email, or Excel spreadsheet. A good real estate CRM like IXACT Contact will automatically capture your leads and put them into your database, saving you tons of time and not allowing anyone to fall through the cracks.

2. Lead Nurture

Once your leads are captured, they won’t do much for you if you aren’t nurturing them! A great real estate CRM will help you assign lead nurture campaigns, and add new contacts to your monthly e-Newsletter. With IXACT Contact, all of the above can be automated to save you even more time while turning more leads into clients. Plus, IXACT Contact offers 9 different pre-written lead nurture campaigns so you don’t have to start from scratch.

3. Keep in Touch Call Reminders

Every contact in your database needs a touch once in a while, but remembering when, where, and what can be tough when you have a busy schedule. A real estate CRM such as IXACT Contact will help you stay organized and in touch with automated keep in touch call reminders. You can mass assign keep in touch call reminders to entire groups, and vary the type and frequency as appropriate to the group. You’ll never forget to give that important past client a call again.

4. Birthday and Move-In Anniversary Reminders

Everybody loves to be remembered on days that are special to them, and as a real estate agent doing so builds goodwill with past client. That helps with retention and gaining referrals. Birthdays and Move-In Anniversaries are the two special dates that make the most sense for you to acknowledge. How do you keep track of all of those though? You guessed it, with a real estate CRM. A solution like IXACT Contact assists you in remembering these dates by automatically creating reminders for you in your calendar. So you can stop stressing about missing those opportunities and start enjoying how awesome you look to your contacts.

5. An e-Newsletter

Oh yes, a real estate CRM can help you with marketing too! At least, one like IXACT Contact can. Save yourself the frustration of trying to come up with new topics, write compelling articles, and design an email that looks beautiful each month. Instead, use IXACT Contact’s automated e-Newsletter that provides you with 3 fresh articles each month. You’ll be doing excellent content marketing without even thinking about it. Now isn’t that a relief?

6. Social Media Marketing

If you are tired of spending hours finding great content to share on your social media – or shelling out hundreds of dollars to pay an assistant to do it – you should look for help from your CRM. A good real estate CRM is like having a virtual assistant, and that can include social media marketing! IXACT Contact offers Social Stream, a solution that allows you to select the topics your followers are interested in from top-tier publications such as Better Homes & Gardens or the New York Times. Then you can schedule those articles to go out automatically up to 3 times a day, 7 days a week. That’s what we call a game-changer.

7. Websites

Building a brand-new website can be overwhelming. Paying for a variety of software services can get costly. Solve both those problems with a great real estate CRM such as IXACT Contact. That’s right, IXACT Contact offers agent websites as part of your monthly subscription, and they come with 16 pages already built. So you have a foundation to start from, and are spending just a little of your time customizing and personalizing. And connecting back to Reason 1, our websites provide automated lead capture right into your IXACT Contact database.

8. Mobility

As a real estate agent you aren’t always at your desk. You spend most of your time in the field, and updating an Excel spreadsheet on your phone is not a fun task. Searching through old emails on your phone to find client notes isn’t either. A real estate CRM can solve both those issues. A good CRM like IXACT Contact will offer a Mobile App that allows you to look up Contact information, enter in new tasks or appointments, and more from anywhere. This in turn helps you to stay more organized because you aren’t waiting to do these important tasks until later when they could be forgotten. You gain peace of mind and the freedom to be wherever you need to be.

9. Working on a Team

If you are working on a real estate team a CRM is an essential tool to keep everyone organized and on track. A system like IXACT Contact will allow you to share contacts, appointments, or tasks with ease. The Team Leader will also be able to monitor activity and distribute work more evenly. Your team will run smoothly and be a huge success.

10. Setting Goals

You have goals for yourself as a real estate agent, and your real estate CRM can actually help you to set and track them. IXACT Contact offers a simple Goal Setting Wizard where you input your different goals for the year, from Gross Income to the number of new contacts added to your database. Then you are able to see what you need to accomplish each week and if you are on the right track to meeting your goals. You get tangible feedback that allows you to course correct as needed, or to celebrate your awesome achievements.

If even one of these ten reasons to use a real estate CRM resonates with you, it’s time to start with one. You’ll find that you benefit from all the other features of a great CRM too. IXACT Contact will address all of the above, providing you with more time, confidence, and success. Start your FREE 5 week trial of IXACT Contact now.