How to Make an Impact with Personalized Marketing

The most successful marketing and sales strategies no longer revolve around broad demographic populations. Today, smart marketers supplement their mass marketing with relevant, personalized messaging that is hyper targeted to the individual.

Why personalized marketing works for real estate agents

Personalized marketing fits hand-in-hand with the in-person sales effort real estate agents make with their clients every day. The most effective marketers and sales professionals use customer insights and data to build deeper relationships with their clients. They do this by tapping into their specific interests and needs. In the business of buying and selling homes, understanding the unique needs and personal stories of your clients is key. Building trust and maintaining relationships is not only at the foundation of business success, but is also vital to creating a lasting personal brand that easily attracts referrals.

How personalized marketing works

Contacts are much more likely to pay attention when emails and messages are relevant to them. Broad marketing efforts are a turn-off to today’s consumers, causing them to stop their journey down the sales funnel. Personalized information is at the heart of a customer’s true interests. Therefore, delivering that information is how you keep them engaged.

So how is it possible for an agent to personalize communication for each of their contacts? Personalized marketing is made easy for agents through the use of a web-based real estate CRM. Using data like a contact’s name, preferred communication channels, their history and needs, a CRM like IXACT Contact can automatically create individualized messages and call reminders that are tailored to each unique contact’s needs.

Increase conversations and deepen loyalty

When agents use a CRM, their database captures rich contact profiles for each of their contacts. This makes it easy to keep track of important contact information including birthdays, move-in anniversaries, communication history, and more. Nothing makes a client feel more special than a note, well wishes or celebratory message that acknowledges a special day.

A CRM like IXACT Contact can send automated, personalized birthday and anniversary reminders that make it easier than ever to reach out to clients on special days. To keep these touch points authentic and fresh, It’s important that agents use a CRM that adds new greeting card templates to its library regularly to ensure your contacts don’t receive the same card twice. It’s also important to ensure that all email templates and cards are mobile friendly. This way, contacts can open them on any device.

Keep in touch and stay top of mind

In addition to building relationships through personalized email marketing, it’s also vital that agents stay on top of their call history. Keeping track of email correspondence and contact history through a CRM is crucial. Using a CRM like IXACT Contact helps to keep your conversations with clients seamless from call to call. When making the call, agents can use the data in their CRM history for that client to easily recall their client’s current status and interests so that the call is relevant and meaningful to their client’s needs.

Making it personal doesn’t have to be time consuming

Efficient time management is necessary to running a busy real estate business, and the less time spent writing emails and keeping up with task lists, the more time spent directly with clients, making a sale.

Personalized marketing is quick and easy for agents that put their contact database to work for them. While you’re on the go, your real estate CRM acts as your own personal marketing assistant, automatically keeping track of each of your contact’s needs and special occasions – an approach that applies to hundreds of contacts at the click of a button. When looking for a CRM, make sure there is functionality that enables you to easily manage your entire contact database through mass assignments. For example, IXACT Contact is now saving its users, hours of time, by launching a new functionality that enables agents to mass assign keep in touch call reminders across hundreds of clients.

Key takeaway: 

Clients prefer a personalized buying experience, but that doesn’t mean you have to double your efforts to keep track of each specific client’s needs. By using your client data in a CRM, you can create high impact, individualized touch points that keep your clients engaged and let them know they’re at the top of your mind, and your to-do list.

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