Top 5 Greatest Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas


Just because the transaction has ended, doesn’t mean that the relationship is over and it’s always a great touch to commemorate accomplishing the final goal with a gift. It never has to be something expensive, but a meaningful gift can go a long way in solidifying a healthy working relationship going forward – and to […]

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22 of the Absolute Best Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas

For some people, buying gifts seems to come easily. But for many of us well-intentioned gift-givers, it’s a challenge to find the best, most thoughtful item to mark a special occasion. As an Agent, you often have opportunities to give gifts to your clients who have purchased their new home. It’s a lovely way to […]

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Our Top 5 Most Popular Real Estate Contact Management and Marketing Blog Posts

As you may already know, we’ve been blogging twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) every week since we began our Real Estate Contact Management & Marketing Blog over three years ago. We have many loyal readers and get plenty of positive feedback on our posts all the time. However, there are some blog posts that […]

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