Use Social Media to Stay in Touch with Past Clients

Use social media and a real estate contact management software to stay in touch with past clientsFacebook… Linkedin… Twitter… If you’re not already active on these websites, you’ve certainly heard about them. Social media is an effective way of staying in touch with friends, colleagues and clients online.

Chances are, many of the contacts in your real estate contact management software — your prospects, past clients, business-to-business referral sources — already have accounts on some of these sites. So it makes sense for you to utilize social media to help stay in touch and build loyalty.

You don’t have to be a social media expert to create and use a social media account. However, by simply having a Twitter account, for instance, you have the opportunity to touch base, every once in a while, with your contacts who are active on that website. Like a phone call or an email, it’s just another quick and convenient way to say, “Hello! How are you doing?”

Social Media as a Keep in Touch Tool; Getting Started

Signing up for a Twitter account is free, and the service is easy to use. Once your account is set up, you can use the “Find friends” feature to connect with — or in Twitter terminology, “follow” — prospects, past clients and other contacts who use Twitter. And be sure to follow IXACT Contact so we can connect with you!

You should also consider joining LinkedIn, which is also free. This site lets you set up a professional profile, featuring details on your services, testimonials from past clients, and a link to your website. Having a LinkedIn profile is important these days because many people use the site to find Agents and other professionals. If you’re not there, you won’t be found!

Finally, having a Facebook page allows you to communicate with clients and business-to-business referral sources who are on Facebook. Facebook provides you with many opportunities to share tips and recommendations with your contacts, or just say, “Hello.”

[stextbox id=”info”]”Facebook provides you with many opportunities to share tips and recommendations with your contacts” [Tweet this][/stextbox]

Social media certainly does not replace your real estate contact management software nor does it replace direct mail, phone calls, visits and other proven ways to stay in touch with your contacts and build loyalty. However, these sites can be an effective supplement to your communications. Remember the best and easiest way to stay in touch with your real estate database is to use the drip marketing and monthly e-Newsletter features in your real estate contact management software.

Takeaway point: Occasionally, connect with your contacts on the social media sites.

Do you use social media? Why or why not? Please leave a comment below!