Real Estate Marketing: How to Create Email Your Contacts Will Want to Read

Take your real estate marketing from good to greatToday we’re reblogging an article written by Pamela Cendejas, a real estate virtual assistant and IXACT Contact affiliate.  In this article, Pamela shares some awesome tips that’ll take your real estate marketing from good to great.

Not all real estate marketing emails are created equal so next time you sit down to write one, take these tips into consideration. Pamela’s right when says, “Email marketing is one of the most powerful things you can do for your business.”  Remember that if you’re too busy to write your own marketing emails, IXACT Contact’s real estate contact management system comes with email templates and drip marketing plans created for you that follow all of the advice Pamela outlines in this article.

Enjoy the article:

Email marketing and e-Newsletters are an awesome way to stay in touch with your contacts.  What are you doing, though, to create email that your contacts will actually want to read?

What Does That Say?  – A rookie mistake (one I made in the 90’s) is to use unusual fonts.  The idea is that it will make you stand out and grab attention.  It may not be the kind of attention you want, though.  A font may display differently on someone else’s computer, making it annoying, useless and hard to read.  Using fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial and other well-known fonts are your best bet.

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