Why It’s Essential to Build Great Rapport with Other Real Estate Agents

Building rapport with other real estate agentsDo you care what other real estate agents think of you?

You should.

Your clients and referral sources will often ask other people they meet in the “home industry” for their opinion of you. Your clients will even ask your competition!

So it pays to be respected by your peers.

Now that doesn’t mean you should become so friendly with your competition that you share leads or let them in on your real estate marketing plans. But, you should be cultivating good working relationships with other real estate agents — especially those who work in the same market or with similar profile clients as you.

Why it’s easier to close deals when other agents like and respect you:

When you have a relationship with other real estate agents, negotiations are easier, and the entire transaction is much more likely to be trouble-free. This, of course, helps to ensure that your clients are pleased — which, in turn, leads to more repeat business and referrals.

What happens when a fellow agent has a less-than-flattering opinion of you? Everything becomes harder. Not only will he or she not have good things to say about you when asked, but you’ll also find it tougher to work with that agent during offer presentations.

So how do you stay on good terms with your colleagues?

  •  Always be friendly and upbeat.
  •  Demonstrate the highest level of professionalism in your behaviour and dealings.
  •  Be on friendly terms with as many fellow agents as possible (buy a colleague a coffee, take them out for lunch, send birthday cards etc.).

Finally, never bad mouth another agent. Remember: If you can’t say something nice about someone, say nothing at all.

Takeaway point: Let your real estate leads know that you have good working relationships with other agents and that your relationships help to make transactions go smoothly.

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