[VIDEO] The Secret to Real Estate Sales Success

successSuccess is never an accident.”

Powerful words from one of the most widely admired real estate coaches in North America. IXACT Contact partner Richard Robbins is an author, business mentor and a sought-after expert in the fields of personal and professional performance. In this video, he describes the factor that differentiates successful, top producing agents.

Richard describes the idea of the “Great Mystery.” Why some agents can absorb valuable advice, recognize it as valid and useful, and then walk away and never think about it again. There are a lot of reasons that agents may neglect good advice, lack of time, resources, forgetfulness, and so on.  But those who are able to take guidance and act on it are often able to grow their business and close more sales.

Have you heard any valuable advice lately that you have neglected to practice? Perhaps it’s keeping in touch with your contacts more, practicing cold calling or enlisting the help of a real estate CRM to get organized. Check out the video below and get inspired to take action.

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