What Every New Real Estate Agent Needs to Know

Every new Agent should use a real estate contact management systemAs a new real estate agent, you likely know the importance of starting out on the right path.

That’s why you need one place to store, manage, and market to your clients. You also need a place to organize your business activity, such as appointments and key tasks.

Studies have shown that the highest earning Agents invest six times as much in technology (such as a real estate contact management system) than the lowest earning ones. And that’s not all. The top earning agents are 54% more likely to use e-Newsletters and drip marketing campaigns.

How New Agents can be Successful in Real Estate Sales

To be successful in real estate, you need to stay in touch with your leads, market to them effectively, and continue to build relationships with your clients over time.

One way to do some of this is by sending out a professionally designed and written monthly e-Newsletter, which positions you as a real estate expert while building important relationships with your contacts.

As well, drip marketing campaigns are important in automating some of your marketing and preventing “keeping in touch” from turning into an arduous and time-consuming activity.

Another key ingredient to real estate sales success is staying organized and on top of everything. This means using a calendar and task list and getting automatic prompts so nothing falls through the cracks.

A real estate contact management system is instrumental in helping you do everything discussed in this article. IXACT Contact offers new agents their first six months free. It’s an opportunity to make your first commission check or two before having to pay yet another expense.

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