5 Tips for Guaranteed Real Estate Email Marketing Success

5 Tips for Guaranteed Real Estate Email Marketing SuccessCheck out this great blog post by superstar real estate personal assistant and IXACT Contact affiliate, Pamela Candejas. In this post, Pamela discusses five real estate email marketing best practices.

One of the reasons we’re sharing this article is because the Customer Support Team here at IXACT Contact often gets asked by Agents what they can do to maximize their email deliverability and improve the effectiveness of their campaigns. One point that Pamela mentions is to take a look at your email statistics. Remember, IXACT Contact is the only real estate contact management software with Email Campaign Reporting functionality.


Email marketing is a cost-effective way to reach your target market.  Some people shy away from it because it seems time consuming, overwhelming and difficult.  Here’s some tips to follow that will guarantee your success.

  • Did it go through? – It doesn’t help to send email messages that no one sees.  Getting passed the ISPs so your message isn’t tagged as spam could be one hurdle to overcome.  Ending up in a spam folder could be the result of mass emailing or the recipients spam settings.  Take a look at your email statistics and send those clients a personal email to see if they’re getting your emails.  Limit each mailing to 499 contacts.  This could require sending out the email more than once but will help ensure that your email is read. [Note from IXACT Contact: this email limit of 499 doesn’t apply with IXACT Contact. Our system has been designed for mass emailing without a limit]

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