Your Real Estate CRM Sounds Great BUT… $34.95 is Expensive…

Thinking if a real estate CRM is worth the moneyYou’re considering a real estate CRM like IXACT Contact. But maybe you’re thinking: it’s a tough economy, I’m not getting a lot of new real estate leads and clients, and so paying another monthly fee for yet another product/service just doesn’t seem doable right now.

If this sounds like you, it might be time to re-evaluate.

Take a look at your expenses and the income you’re generating from these expenses. Which expenses are providing you with a return on investment (ROI)? Which ones are worth keeping and which ones are worth cutting off?

I believe that in business, each investment you make in a product or service needs to provide you with a return. And not just any return, but a sizable enough one so that the investment in question pays for itself over and over.

Now let’s talk about IXACT Contact’s real estate CRM. Let’s put the monthly fee of $34.95 into perspective. For a moment, suppose that the only way it would be worth it for you to invest in the CRM and pay the $34.95 monthly fee is if you would get a great ROI – if the system helped to earn you more money than the monthly/ yearly fee you paid for it.

Let’s ask this question: What will IXACT Contact allow me to do that is going to help me generate income?

Will it allow me to send out regular marketing pieces (drip marketing) to leads and clients and then measure the effectiveness of these marketing pieces? Absolutely.

Will it allow me to ensure I’m making my quarterly “Keep in Touch” calls and scheduling client events so I’m constantly top of mind? Absolutely.

Will it allow me to track where my leads are coming from and decide where to spend my marketing dollars? Absolutely.

Will it help me stay organized by allowing me to manage all my contacts, their history with me, and my Active Business in one place? Absolutely.

Will it allow me to keep track of client communication so I never have to remember where a particular conversation left off? Absolutely.

Will it help me turn my leads into clients through the ability to assign my leads to various lead nurture programs/ Activity Plans? Absolutely.

When you’re keeping in touch with clients long after the transaction, when you’re consistently top of mind with your sphere, and when you focus on relationship building with those in your database, you’ll see your amount of referrals and repeat business increase dramatically. And IXACT Contact was designed to help you do these things –master relationship marketing and become a “by referrals only” agent.

I’ve listed only a small sample of what IXACT Contact has to offer. But looking at the list, how much is all of this worth to you? By using IXACT Contact consistently, how many more deals, or how much more business, do you think you’ll be able to win? Think about how much commission you make on just one deal. Now think about the cost of IXACT Contact.

When you ponder this in this rational, cost-benefit analysis sort of way, I think you’ll realize that the monthly investment in a real estate CRM like IXACT Contact is well worth it. It’s just one of those investments that, even in a tough economy, is a must because it proves over and over again to be key to your success in real estate sales.

If you’re not using IXACT Contact, try it out. Provided you use the system consistently, you’ll be amazed at the difference it’ll make in your business.