10 Ways to Fight Being Overwhelmed in Real Estate

Time Management for Agents: 10 Ways to Fight Being Overwhelmed in Real EstateThis is a re-blog by professional and personal business coach, Sandy Newman.

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Enjoy the article:

Do you ever have a day where it seems you are being drowned in “to-do’s”, obligations and must do’s?

Why is it that we continue to allow ourselves to be over booked, over scheduled and devoid of real life due to too many things on our list that trigger feelings of powerlessness, despair and just plain feeling overwhelmed?

Here are 10 ways to keep from becoming overwhelmed in real estate:

1. Start by striving always to be fully in the present moment.  By that I mean wherever you are, whatever you are doing, be there with your full attention. Commit to the moment with your entire focus.  Don’t think about what else you could be doing at the same time or what you just did or are going to do next.  Trying to be in two places at one time is impossible. So stop trying!

Attempting to do the impossible is a sure way to guarantee feeling overwhelmed.  Commit to being present now fully for yourself and for the people you care about. You will feel much calmer and the people who you care about will feel seen and heard and really appreciated.

2.  Don’t scatter your energy.  Your time and your focus are your most precious commodities.  Don’t waste them by either worrying, which pays no dividends, or trying to be perfect, which of course, is impossible.  Wherever you put your sunshine (your focus) that’s where the flowers grow.

3. Allocate enough time to do a project, and then add enough extra time to gear up for it and to calm down from it.  Do this so you can do the job you wanted to do and then have a few moments to enjoy your accomplishment. Also having a reserve of time allows for unexpected things that might come up. Having those extra minutes allows us handle things without getting overwhelmed or to pursue unexpected opportunities if they arise.

4. Don’t rush. Rushing makes one feel anxious.  Do yourself a favor and schedule to leave ten minutes earlier than you normally would. Give yourself the luxury of those extra few minutes.  Anticipating being late leads to feelings of overwhelm.

5. Make a list of everything you want to do.   Ask yourself “Is this urgent or is this important?” Then rate each item by priority. Take care of high priority items first. Some things on your list may never get done.  Maybe those things should be delegated to others or they don’t need to be done at all. If either is true take them off your list and forget them.  Having incomplete tasks hanging over your head leads to feelings of overwhelm.  Do them or let them go.

6. Respect your own time. Don’t let other people intrude on time you have allocated for your projects.  Explain to them that this is time you have scheduled for a specific project and that you schedule their need at another time.  Then do it.  Remember, they are pushing THEIR agenda, and don’t really care about yours!  So often we just say YES when we should say NO to avoid confrontation? Why allow yourself to feel overwhelmed? Set boundaries that respect your priorities. Put yourself and your priorities first!

7. Look for the line of least resistance.  Everything doesn’t have to be done the hard way.  Ask yourself “How can I get this done effortlessly?”  Focus on the outcome you want and look for the easiest way to get there.  Being flexible is a real virtue if you want to keep from becoming overwhelmed.

8. Remember that everything doesn’t happen in the exact time frame we want it to, so make peace with it and decide that is okay.  Sometimes there is a higher purpose for the delay.  In other words develop a little patience and understand that some things just take time!

9. ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff” …and don’t nitpick!  Understand that most people do the best they can. Ask yourself this question: “Will this matter a year from now?  In most cases, it won’t matter or even be remembered!  Lighten up!!  Then look for the good in everything and focus on keeping a positive outlook.

10. Plan to spend some quiet time (about 15 minutes) alone every day. Consider it an investment in your mental health. Just be by yourself and get centered and ready for the day.  There is something rejuvenating and peaceful about being alone.  It helps to negate the noise and confusion of the world and replace it with peace and order.  If you think you don’t have 15 minutes a day to do this you are already overwhelmed!!

It’s a great time for you to reorder your priorities.

Remember you need to take care of yourself first or nothing else will work in your life…..

And here’s the best advice: when dealing with feeling overwhelmed, learn to laugh at yourself!!

When you become really dramatic about something that is happening to you take a step back and put it in perspective.  Soap operas are good day time TV but as a life style they can really wear you out.  If you look, you can find the humor in just about everything.

And more importantly, laughing takes the “seriousness” out of overwhelm and puts you in touch with a more positive feeling.

By following these steps, you can begin choosing to what you want to give your precious energy and attention to, and begin living life with your own agenda!  You’ll be better equipped to resist trying to do it all!