A Proven Technique to Make You a More Productive Agent

Time-management strategy for real estate agents“It’s not what we do that makes us tired,” says motivational author Steve Chandler in his book, 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself. “It’s what we don’t do.”

As a real estate agent, you’re often juggling multiple tasks and projects at any given time. You may be organizing a client event, preparing for a listing presentation, planning a real estate email marketing campaign, negotiating an offer, following-up with referrals, adding contacts to your real estate contact management database, and returning client calls – all on the same day!

In a situation like this, it’s easy to have a lot of things started, but none finished. And that can make your energy drain quickly.

So, what’s the solution?

Here’s a simple technique that can work very well.

Each morning, as you review your schedule and plan your day, pick one or two things that you are absolutely committed to finishing. It doesn’t have to be a major project. You can choose something that takes just a few minutes, such as returning phone calls or updating your real estate contact management database.

Each time a task is complete, mark it off as “done” with a bright yellow highlighter (if you’ve made a paper to-do list in a daily planner, for instance). Even better, use your real estate contact management software’s built-in task list and check off completed tasks as you go. Tasks that are overdue will automatically appear in red.

Then, when you feel overwhelmed, and your energy begins to fade, look back over the past few days and notice all the things you finished. This will give your energy level a significant boost.

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“What you’re doing,” says Chandler, “is building a track record that proves you’re a finisher.” This keeps you energized, even when you have lots to do.

In addition, completing at least one or two things per day — getting those tasks completely off your plate — makes you a lot more productive. And, that will ultimately result in more referrals and repeat business!

Takeaway point: Be a finisher. Commit to completing one or two tasks every day.

Do you plan on trying out this technique? Leave a comment below!