5 Bold Tips to Grow Your Contact Database

grow databaseEmail marketing remains a primary strategy for real estate agents! As organic reach dwindles on social media, and search engine optimization becomes an endless task, email marketing provides a simple and direct way to stay in contact with your prospects and clients.

There’s just one challenge: expanding your contact list! While lead generation pages can be highly effective on you website, this assumes your website enjoys strong traffic! Fortunately, there are some clever ways you can build your email list. We found some great tips in Entrepreneur magazine, and we’re adding our own suggestions!

  1. Be a contributor to a large industry website or publication. Everyone is looking for content these days! Do you have unique insights about a niche of the real estate market? Do you have an interesting story to tell? Look for real estate publications, magazines and websites that accept third-party articles. The exposure will help you stand out as an authority in your market – and you might pick up some new email contacts along the way!
  2. Be a guest on a local radio show, TV show or Internet podcast. Some of the most successful real estate agents today are masters at working with the media. You can visit radiotguestlist.com for ideas about getting started!
  3. Partner with another professional. If you have good rapport with another industry professional, such as a mortgage banker or real estate attorney, consider sharing or merging your databases, and producing a joint newsletter.
  4. Offer free seminars to the public. From home buying, to house flipping to home staging, there is plenty of information you can offer. You can collect email addresses by asking attendees to register in advance, or collect them at the seminar.
  5. Build a YouTube channel. If looking into your webcam and rattling off statistics sounds boring, that’s because it is! Instead, invite a friend or family member to be in the video, and have them ask you a real estate question. Include your email address in the video, and invite viewers to send their questions to you. Post a new video every week. You might be surprised at how quickly you can build subscribers!

Of course, a great database of email addresses needs a robust CRM for real estate! IXACT Contact gives you customizable, automated newsletters and eye-catching email marketing templates. Plus, IXACT Contact is easy to use! If you are not already using IXACT Contact, sign up now for the free 5-week trial!

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