5 Things You Didn’t Know a Real Estate CRM Could Do

real estate crmThe term real estate CRM conjures up different ideas for different people. Maybe you think of an electronic rolodex, or a tool to remind you of your appointments. For many of us, a CRM is that thing we’ve been meaning to get to, but just haven’t found the time to research and implement it yet.

There are several different ways you may define a CRM, and there are many different options of real estate software to choose from. If you’ve been postponing choosing a CRM, you may not be aware of the wide range of functionality available to you!

Here are 5 things you may not know a real estate CRM can do, and how they can help you:

A CRM can send your emails for you.

Keeping in touch with your contacts is crucial for generating repeat and referral business, but who has the time to manually type out and send regular emails to everyone in their database? Most busy real estate agents certainly don’t.

This is where your real estate CRM comes to the rescue. A good platform will come pre-loaded with plenty of keep in touch content to help you communicate with your contacts without having to manually write emails. Best of all, this email content (known as Activity Plans) are varied depending on what type of lead you’re communicating with. So whether you’re keeping in touch with a long term lead, a hot prospect, a renter or a FSBO, automated emails can go out on your behalf regularly.

IXACT Contact even offers a professionally written and designed monthly e-Newsletter that will automatically be sent to your contacts on the day of your choice.

A CRM can tell you who your hot leads are.

When you have a list of contacts in your real estate database, it’s hard to know exactly who is a hot prospect thinking of making a move. But when you understand how your real estate email marketing campaigns are performing, you can better understand who your message is resonating with, and who might be ready to talk about buying or selling.

With IXACT Contact’s email campaign reporting, you’ll gain insight into total and unique email opens, clicks, bounce-backs and more! These statistics allow you to see not only how many people are opening your communications, but interacting with them as well. If you see a particular person has clicked on your “Just Listed” e-Flyer several times, you know they might be interested in buying soon. That’s a perfect opportunity to reach out to a contact!

A CRM can strengthen your brand awareness.

If you’ve spent time thinking about your personal brand as a real estate agent, it’s likely that you have particular colors, headshots, logos and images that you want people to associate with you. In an industry where being recognizable is key, it’s a good idea to use recognizable branding across your different marketing pieces.

Did you know your real estate CRM can help keep your brand consistent? Upload your header to IXACT Contact so that your marketing emails are sent out looking customized and consistent with your brand. Plus, when you design your website with IXACT Contact, you can use the right color-scheme, images, headshot and logo as your email header, keeping your look easy to recognize for your prospects.

A CRM can increase your client loyalty.

Loyal clients are the lifeblood of a successful real estate business. A 5% increase in in customer retention can increase your profitability by 75% (Bain and Co). Increasing client loyalty and retention doesn’t have to be a mysterious process. A good real estate CRM can help you build more meaningful relationships that lead to more loyal repeat clients.

By keeping in touch with automated emails sent through your CRM, you’ll remain top of your past client’s minds. But you’ll really wow them when you reach out to wish them a happy birthday, or congratulate them on the anniversary of purchasing their home. Thanks to the birthday and home anniversary reminders in your CRM, you’ll be able to reach out to your past clients with your best wishes (or even a gift). Thoughtful gestures like these build rapport and loyalty, and they’re much easier to carry out with the help of IXACT Contact!

A CRM can generate real estate leads.

When you choose an integrated real estate CRM that also comes with an agent website, you have a lead generation machine at your fingertips! In addition to attracting prospects, a real estate agent website is ideal for efficiently capturing high-quality leads. This is made possible by incorporating online contact forms for buyers or even sellers who come to your site and are interested in learning more about your services. Each time a form is completed, you will receive an email notification so that no lead goes unnoticed.

Capturing leads through an integrated website also enables you to automatically add new contacts to your real estate CRM, like IXACT Contact, or assign them to a relevant email nurturing campaign.


We often think of real estate CRM software as a tool to manage our calendars and contact phone numbers. While your CRM will do those things for you, it will also do so much more!

Start sending more emails, generating more leads, identifying hot leads and increasing loyalty today with IXACT Contact. Start your 5 week free trial today!

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