What Kind Of Real Estate Agent Do You Want To Be?

Ever wondered if your personality resonates with your profession? Wouldn’t it be ideal to have a profession that goes in hand with your personality so you can always be yourself and not have to pretend to be someone else? If you are a real estate agent that is still trying to find your place in […]

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CRM Buyer’s Checklist That Will Help You Choose The Right CRM!

How do you identify which CRM will be the most effective at helping you stay in touch, keeping you organized and generating leads which can be converted into clients. Choosing the right real estate CRM is a difficult task. There are so many options available and each one offers a different set of characteristics. If […]

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5 Key Ways to Create Buyer Loyalty

For real estate agents, buyers are one side of the coin and sellers are the other. While you’d never dream of selling someone’s home without a listing agreement, the buyer side of the coin is a little trickier. These days, buyers are hesitant to sign buyer agency agreements for a number of reasons.   So, […]

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A Few Things you didn’t know an Efficient Real Estate CRM could do

Everyone seems to have a different idea about the term “real estate CRM.” For many of us, a CRM is that thing we’ve been meaning to get to, but just haven’t found the time to research and implement it yet. There are several different ways you may define a CRM and there are many different […]

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A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Connecting with Millennial Buyers and Sellers

Marketing to Millennial Real Estate Clients

Millennials make up 34% of all homebuyers, and 66% plan to purchase a new home in the next five years. That’s a significant segment of the real estate market that you don’t want to overlook! As you’re likely aware, the millennial generation has distinct shopping and buying behaviors, communication preferences and expectations that should be considered […]

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How to Become the “Go To” Agent in Your Town

real estate presentation

Do you have a favorite pizza parlor? One that you naturally call on pizza night without even considering another place? Or maybe for you, it’s a favorite bakery that you visit for every special occasion, or a preferred salon where your hair stylist knows you by name. How would you like to be THE “go […]

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