6 Keys to a Winning a Real Estate Listing Presentation

Your real estate CRM will help you get more leads and listing presentationsUsing a real estate CRM to build a referrals-based business is the best way to get high-quality referrals and real estate leads. However, once you have the lead, you need to win the real estate listing presentation, or that potential new business goes down the drain.

Fortunately, you’re going into the presentation in a strong position. You’ve been recommended! But don’t be overconfident. Use the following real estate listing presentation tips to help ensure that it’s your “FOR SALE” sign that appears on the front lawn – and not some other agent’s.

Here are the six keys to a winning real estate listing presentation:

1. Focus on the client’s needs, not on how great you are. The more you try to “sell” yourself during a listing presentation, the more resistance you are likely to encounter.

2. Don’t give a generic presentation. Make it relevant. Ask questions. Then, tailor your presentation to the client’s needs and aspirations.

3. Take notes. Don’t rely on your memory. Writing things down lets the client know that you are listening. Better yet, bring your iPad and record your notes right in your IXACT Contact real estate CRM.

4. Personal appearance counts. Eating a garlic smothered hamburger or smoking a cigarette just before a real estate listing presentation is not a good idea. People form an impression within the first few seconds of meeting someone. And that impression tends to last.

5. Be prepared and organized. If your presentation looks sloppy — if loose papers are falling out of your presentation binder, or if you can’t find a pen — then clients may naturally assume that you will deal with them in the same disheveled manner.

6. Be prepared for common questions. Chances are, there are five to ten questions that clients typically ask. Why not prepare for these in advance, with a well thought out response? Clients will be impressed by how quickly and authoritatively you reply to their questions. As a result, they will have more confidence in you.

No real estate agent wins every listing. So, when you lose one, ask for feedback. This not only gives you the opportunity to sharpen your presentation skills for the future, but it also demonstrates to the client that you’re a professional who is committed to improvement.

Record that feedback in the contact’s profile within your real estate CRM. This keeps everything organized and lets you easily refer back to all the feedback you’ve received.

And, make sure you’re still keeping in touch with the lead with your real estate CRM’s drip marketing programs. You never know what will happen in the future!