Real Estate Contact Management Quick Tip Videos

New real estate contact management quick tip videosWe just published our new series of “Quick Tip” videos on the Resources page of our website and on our YouTube channel!

This new video series features easy-to-follow videos that quickly guide you through key aspects of our real estate contact management system. Learn IXACT Contact tips and tricks and what you can do to make the most of the software!

You’ll find out how to put your marketing on auto-pilot, identify the hot leads in your database, create a link in an email, and much more!

We will be continually adding to our Quick Tip video series. We’ll also be publishing Q&A videos to our website, where IXACT Contact’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Rich Gaasenbeek, will explain ways real estate agents can better manage and grow their business.

Check out the videos now at!

What do you think of our new videos? Do you have any suggestions for future Quick Tip videos you’d like to see? Please leave a comment below!