Are You Making These 5 Fatal Real Estate Email Marketing Mistakes?

Best Practices for Real Estate Email Marketing.Do you want to make sure you’re following key real estate email marketing best practices?

Are you wondering if there’s anything you should be doing differently?

Below are five fatal email marketing mistakes that we see some agents making:

1.  All about you or what you’re selling

You need to make sure the “WIIFM” is clear, which stands for “What’s in it for me?” For example, if you’re sending out a Just Listed e-Flyer from IXACT Contact’s real estate email marketing template library, you need to convey why the recipient may be interested in the property, what separates it from all the others, and why you’ve decided to send them this particular property over another one. If your email is all about you and what you do, you won’t be effective in getting across to your leads. How will the recipients of your email gain or benefit from it?

2.  Impersonal

The “Dear Valued Client” approach has spam email written all over it. You want your marketing emails to appear like they’ve been sent to each client or lead individually. Make certain your emails address the contact by their name. And use the mail merge feature in your Agent CRM to add custom merge fields within the body of the email. This takes the personalization approach to the next level. Another point to keep in mind is to ensure that the from field is your name and not the name of your company.

3. Using spam words

Certain words are commonly flagged by email clients, like Gmail and Outlook, as spam and as a result, your email can end up going into the recipient’s junk mail folder. These words include “buy,” “cheap,” and “bargain.” Check out this guide to learn more about this and other words and phrases to avoid in your emails. One good tip is to run your email through a spam checker. Many sites offer this service for free.

4. Boring and uncompelling

Your email needs to have a compelling message and an attractive, eye-catching design or people won’t read it. Make sure it grabs attention, is formatted nicely, and includes an image or even a video screenshot that directs people to watch the full video on your website or on YouTube. If you’re an IXACT Contact subscriber, our Customer Support Team can show you how to do this.

5. Not using a dedicated email service provider (ESP)

Make sure you use a dedicated ESP to maximize email deliverability. IXACT Contact’s real estate contact management software utilizes a dedicated ESP so you can send many emails at once without sacrificing deliverability rates.

Have you committed any of these email marketing errors? Have you found this article helpful? Please leave a comment below!