Who Should I Add to My Real Estate CRM?

Real estate CRMToday’s blog post is by leading real estate sales trainer, Bruce Keith. Bruce is an IXACT Contact partner and founder of Bruce Keith Results. Enjoy:

Here’s a question most Salespeople wrestle with… “I just spoke with the Johnsons, I never met them before – should I add them to my real estate contact management software?” Before you answer that question there is a more fundamental question that you need to consider: “What is the purpose of having a real estate database?”

It boils down to this… people will typically do business more comfortably with those they know, like, and trust. The more people that know you, the more business you will get. There is lot of wisdom in accepting the truth that “Sales is a numbers game”. Consequently, it makes sense to add as many people as possible to your CRM for Agents and then stay in touch with them. Some Salespeople will argue that, “There’s no point in adding the Johnsons, they’re never going to be moving”. While that may be true, if you “hit it off with them” then you should put them on your list and stay in touch. Sometimes the most casual conversations results in long-term relationships and future business. Here’s why:

1. The average person in North America moves every 5 – 7 years

2. The average person in North America connects with 6 – 8 people every year who are talking about moving

Considering these odds,  by staying in touch with the Johnsons, there is a much better chance they will refer someone to you than they will actually move themselves! So here’s the logical conclusion…

Here is your ACTION STEP… you should add everyone possible to your real estate database and stay in touch with them on an ongoing basis. By frequently providing added value information about the marketplace + asking for business and/or referrals you both win. They keep up to date on the market (everyone wants to know what’s going on) and you will get an opportunity to help more people – and do more business.

So the next time you connect with someone new, add them to your real estate CRM and maintain consistent contact. By adding your personal touch to the “numbers game” your business volume will consistently grow. People want to do business with those they already know. A good rule of thumb is to get in the habit of adding one new person every day. Not hard to do considering the number of people you talk to on an ongoing basis, right?  NO Excuses.

Approximately many people do you add to your database every month?

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