Avoid This Common Phone Calling Mistake

One of the key ingredients to a successful referral and repeat marketing plan is phoning your past clients at least four times each year.

But this doesn’t mean you’re making a sales call.

In fact, the biggest mistake many agents make when calling a past client is focusing too much on getting another listing. They say things like, “I was wondering if you’re thinking of moving again?” Or, “Do you have any friends who might need an agent?”

Calls like these are a turnoff to most clients. It will place you firmly in the “pesky telemarketer” category. Not a good place to be!

It’s not a sales call, it’s a relationship call.

When calling a past client, your goal should be on building the relationship. Remember, you want that client to become loyal to you, so repeat business and referrals flow to you naturally.

So focus on what you can do for the client, not what the client can do for you. Engage the client in a real conversation about them and their family, not about your “need for a lead.” Homeowners have an uncanny ability to sense when an agent is sniffing around for more business. You really have to be genuine.

How do you do that?

Be the helpful professional. Share information, ideas and tips that will help your clients enjoy their home and neighborhood and will save them money.

Never ask for anything in return.

You can call to wish someone a Happy Birthday, invite your client to an event, share information on a common interest (such as golf or cooking), offer to recommend a contractor for an upcoming renovation – the possibilities are almost endless.  And IXACT Contact makes it easy for you to schedule and manage these keep in touch activities.

How do you come up with good reasons to call? You’ll find plenty of ideas in your IXACT Contact real estate CRM. That’s why it’s so important to keep your real estate CRM updated with birthdays, mortgages, careers, kids, hobbies and other client information.

Don’t let anything prevent you from making your four calls per year. It’s one of the best – and, for many agents, most satisfying – ways to build and maintain client loyalty. If you’re not using a real estate marketing software, sign up for a free trial of IXACT Contat here.