Big Money is in Big Follow-Up

Check out the video below by real estate coach and IXACT Contact partner, Richard Robbins. In the video, you’ll learn the power of effective and consistent follow up illustrated by a story Richard tells of one of his clients.

Our VP of Sales and Marketing, Rich Gaasenbeek, is a big believer in lead nurturing and as a company, IXACT Contact practices what we preach. We assign all our leads to a custom 15-week lead nurture campaign that we created in our own database. And our conversion rate to customers is over 25%!

20 years ago Rich worked for a big sales organization where every sales rep. in the company was given a big blue button with one word on it: “YET.” The point was that when a lead or prospect ignores your calls or even says “no thanks,” they’re not really saying “no,” they’re saying “not yet.” Rich pursued some leads for two and three years before ultimately winning the business.

IXACT Contact’s Agent CRM includes fantastic drip email lead nurture campaigns that supplement your follow-up phone calls. We have plans that are specifically written for seller leads, buyer leads, FSBOs, and expireds. These automated campaigns are one of the best features of the real estate contact management system to take your lead nurturing and conversion to the next level.

Enjoy the video:

What do you do to follow-up with your leads? Please leave a comment below!

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