Contacting a Past Client You’ve Lost Touch With

One of the key elements of successful referral and repeat marketing is keeping in touch with past clients. Only by communicating in just the right way, at just the right frequency, can you ensure a steady stream of referrals and repeat sales.

But what if you’ve lost touch with a client you did business with months or years ago? Is it too late?

In most cases, you can still win that client over. But, to create loyalty, you must take action now.

Don’t just start sending those past clients your newsletters! Instead, reconnect with your past client with a phone call. Here’s what to say:

  • Introduce yourself fully. Don’t assume your client still remembers you. Say something like: “Hello. It’s Jim Stephenson here at ABC Realty. How are you? It’s been some time since we last spoke.”
  • Apologize. Tell your client that, frankly, you should have done a better job of staying in contact, and that you want to make a fresh start.
  • Ask how you can help. Let them know that your job involves more than just helping to buy or sell a home.
  • Make a promise. Say that, with their permission, you’re going to keep in regular  contact with them in order to provide them with information and advice that will help them maximize the enjoyment of their home.
  • Say Thank You. Make sure they know you appreciate the opportunity to renew the relationship and be available to them as their “home expert.”

Most clients will appreciate the call and give you permission to stay in touch.  When they do, don’t forget to put them in your IXACT Contact real estate CRM so you never lose touch with them again!

Making calls to long-lost clients may feel a bit uncomfortable. But it’s worth it. Remember, just one more loyal client in your real estate CRM database can mean thousands of dollars earned through referrals and repeat sales in the future.