#1 Real Estate Contact Management System: Robust and Easy to Use

As a real estate agent juggling multiple projects and tasks at the same time, you need a contact management system that helps you build and grow your business. You might wonder if something like this even exists. The answer is simple it does exist. With IXACT Contact’s CRM you get the number 1 Real Estate […]

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How To Get More Business From Your Database?

If you are a real estate agent then you have a contact list, but oftentimes you don’t know how to leverage that contact list. Your contact list contains all your past clients, prospects, and current clients. Maybe you have the contact list on Google or Outlook, but you have no idea what to do with […]

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How to Make an Impact with Personalized Marketing

The most successful marketing and sales strategies no longer revolve around broad demographic populations. Today, smart marketers supplement their mass marketing with relevant, personalized messaging that is hyper targeted to the individual. Why personalized marketing works for real estate agents Personalized marketing fits hand-in-hand with the in-person sales effort real estate agents make with their […]

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5 Secrets to More Real Estate Listings

successful realtor

For many agents, getting more real estate listings is the number one thought on their mind. Competition is increasing, and time seems to be a constant challenge! That’s why I’m pleased to share these key secrets to getting more real estate listings with you. The tips were prepared by Dr Maya Baily and first appeared […]

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10 Ways to Upgrade Your Real Estate Communication Skills in 2016

real estate communication

Communication skills are crucial for real estate agents, and we all have areas we can grow to be more effective. Today I’m sharing a post with you from RETechnology with 10 tips for how to upgrade your real estate communication skills this year. Congratulations! A new lead or referral has just fallen into your lap. […]

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