Convert More Leads into Listings with a Real Estate Contact Management Software

Convert More Leads into Listings with a Real Estate Contact Management SoftwareYou’re likely getting some real estate leads, and that’s a good start. You may or may not have a real estate contact management software. Now you want to make the most of these leads and maximize the likelihood that they become clients, right?

And perhaps you need some help managing these leads and keeping in touch with them over time. After all, you’re a busy Agent and are doing the best you can do with the tools you have.

Frequently, you may get a lead that’s not yet ready to buy or sell, or that lead for some reason ends up doing business with another agent.

How a Real Estate Contact Management Software Can Help

Here’s the key: what you need to be doing is keeping in touch with them over time and using drip marketing campaigns to nurture these leads.

Start with a good, easy to use real estate contact management software and use it to assign your leads to drip marketing campaigns specially created for you with the goal of converting leads into clients. A good CRM will come with these campaigns already designed for you and loaded into the system. And each campaign will be custom tailored to meet the needs of specific lead types (for example, buyer prospects, seller prospects, or for-sale-by-owners (FSBO’s).

Each marketing campaign should include a number of professionally written email or letter templates that help differentiate YOU from other agents. Once you assign a drip marketing campaign to a contact, the emails in the plan are sent out automatically on a regular basis without any work on your part.

And it’s not just emails that get sent out. At set points in time, the software will remind you to pick up the phone and give the lead a call.

When you’re busy and/ or simply don’t know how to best handle your leads and convert them, it’s easy for business to fall by the way side. With the right technology tools, you can automate some of your marketing and communications and become a more effective Agent.

Are you currently using a real estate contact management software? If so, are you taking advantage of its drip marketing features? Please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!