10 Ideas for Real Estate Sales Success

Tips and ideas for real estate sales successIn this blog post, Bruce Keith, the “Results Coach” shares some awesome best practices for running a successful real estate sales business. A lot of what Bruce suggests ties back to effective contact management. If you’re not using a real estate contact management software to store all of your clients and leads, and nurture them over time, you’re missing the boat.


Your sales engine needs to run smoothly. If there is sand in your gearbox, the engine doesn’t run very well. The alternative is to add oil periodically to keep things fresh and clean and running smoothly. How often do you add oil to your gearbox?

Here are 10 things you could add to your “sales engine” right away:

  1. Record your lead generation calls for 15 minutes and listen to your conversations.
  2. Read inspirational material 30 minutes every morning and every night.
  3. Get an accountability partner and check in with them every day.

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