Digital Marketing Roundup: A Reading List of Our Top Insights

digital marketing for agents

When it comes time to shore up your marketing efforts, a Google search is a great place to start—but the results can be overwhelming. Even here at IXACT Contact the amount of digital marketing content we produce can be daunting. We regularly publish great content to help you make the most of your marketing resources and your client relationship management efforts, but if you find yourself strapped for time, it can be easy to miss a useful post or two.

To help you out we’ve created a reading list of recent posts in a few key categories. Bookmark this list and come back to it for your next marketing planning session!

Email marketing

Email marketing and e-newsletters are still important parts of today’s digital landscape. If you can promise (and deliver) relevant content for your subscribers, they’ll sign up and keep coming back.

CRM best practices

Real estate CRM is our bread-and-butter, and between these five articles you’ll learn everything you need to know about the state of real estate CRM, how a CRM will help grow your business, and how to choose the right CRM for you.

Making the most of social media

By now, everyone knows they need to be on social media. But what exactly are you doing on social media? Is it actually helping your business? These resources will help ensure the time you spend on social is valuable.

Content marketing and execution

Creating thoughtful, useful content for your clients and prospects is a great way to differentiate yourself (and to help ensure you’re found in search engine results). But blogging and creating videos can be time-consuming! These tips will help ensure your content creation efforts are both efficient and productive.

Website best practices

Finally, what’s a digital marketing roundup without some website tips? Check out this article for some great tips—and some examples of great real estate websites.

With these articles at your fingertips, you’ve got a head start on moving your digital marketing efforts forward—and our free trial is a great way to start putting them into practice. Sign up today!

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