Embracing Technology Doesn’t Make You a Robot

Technology, real estate CRMI recently came across a great article in REM Magazine by Ontario Real Estate Association president, Phil Dorner. He discusses the role technology can play in real estate sales and the impact it can have in helping agents soar to new heights. Should you embrace technology? Dorner firmly believes so but is careful to point out that technology is not the “be all end all;” you need to still make “face time”, build trust with your clients and prospects, and practice effective communication.

Dorner is right. Some Agents shy away from technology because they feel that the traditional ways of marketing themselves, staying in touch, and servicing their clients are the best ways of doing things. While that may be true, technhology can help them take what they’re used to doing to the next level. It can help supercharge their business success from a sales and marketing standpoint.

There are other agents who feel they simply don’t have time to start learning how to use new software or apps in their growing business. But the fact of the matter is, many of the systems out there have a short learning curve.  A small investment in time, even 10 minutes a day, can pay off big time.

At its core, real estate is a relationship business. And of course, relationships can’t be built and sustained on technology alone. They need that human touch. But ultimately, tools like a real estate contact management software, can help agents free up time by automating some important keep in touch work. And they can help Agents better organize and manage key aspects of their business. As Dorner so rightly said in his article, technology doesn’t impede on business relationships, it makes them stronger.

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And if you still feel intimidated by technology, Dorner’s “nana,” a 71 year old Agent uses an iPad to help her grow her business. If she can do it, surely you can as well.

To read Phil Dorner’s article in REM Magazine, click here.

Are you using technology in your business? If so, how do you feel it has impacted your success? Please leave a comment below!

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