Want More Referral Results?

Tips for generating more real estate referrals.Here’s a great script from IXACT Contact partner and real estate trainer Bruce Keith.

If you feel like you’re not able to properly close the loop on the referrals you get, this blog post from Bruce will help!

Make sure that each time you get a referral, you add the contact to your real estate contact management software. From there, you can assign them to a drip marketing campaign and/ or your monthly e-Newsletter to ensure you’re building the relationship and keeping in touch!

Enjoy the post:

REFERRAL WISDOM...have you ever asked an acquaintance for a referral and then been unable to get them to give you the potential client’s name? It’s sort of like they give you a present for a moment and then they take it back, isn’t it? Now you see it, now you don’t! Here is a great script to overcome this issue:

Getting the Referral Name Easily

Mr./Mrs. Past Client/Center of Influence, let me ask you…Who do you know that needs my help in the next little while? (I do know someone, I will tell them about you)

That’s great, who do you have in mind? (It is my neighbour/my brother-in-law/somebody at the church, etc.)

It’s very kind of you to think of me, what would be the best way for me to contact them? (It might be better for them to call you, I’ll give them your name)

May I tell you why it always turns out better for me to call them directly? (Sure)