Focus on the Real Estate CRM Solution, Not the Problem

Focus on real estate CRM solutions, not the problemsYou show up for an open house and discover that your client is late getting the property in “show condition.” During a listing presentation, you realize you’ve forgotten your presentation materials. A fellow Agent calls to inform you that a deal you thought was done has unexpectedly fallen through.

As a real estate sales professional, you’re bound to face challenges like these from time-to-time. They come with the territory.

But many people in these situations make the big mistake of focusing on the problem rather than on the solution.

Don’t Make the Big Mistake of Focusing on the Problem. Focus on the Solution

Motivational guru Tony Robbins tells a story that illustrates the impact of this behaviour. He was driving on a race course when his vehicle suddenly began to skid uncontrollably toward the wall. Terrified, he couldn’t take his eyes off the fast-approaching barrier. It was only when his trainer, seated next to him, physically turned Tony’s head away from the wall (the problem) and toward the track (the solution) that he regained control.

Keeping focused on what you’re trying to accomplish rather than the problem that’s in its way is the key to success.

Be Effective by Focusing on Real Estate Solutions

  • If a client is late getting his property prepared for an open house, don’t get upset. Instead, focus on ways to present the best features of the home to potential buyers — regardless of the overall condition of the property.
  • If you forget your materials for a listing presentation, don’t dwell on it. Improvise. Ask questions and take notes, then offer to drop off a summary of what was discussed, along with additional materials, later that day.
  • If a deal falls through, don’t waste time wallowing in disappointment. Start calling hot prospects about the great property that has unexpectedly become available.

Takeaway point: Problems become bigger the more you focus on them. Instead, focus on what you’re trying to accomplish and the solutions that will get you there.

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