What Would Donald Trump Say About Effective Real Estate Marketing?

In order to be effective in your real estate marketing, use email and a real estate CRMReal estate mogul Donald Trump has a lot of opinions on what it takes to be successful in business.

But, when it comes to real estate marketing, what would Trump say about email marketing in particular? Should Agents be doing it more or doing it less? Is email “dead” like so many experts have claimed?

Recent survey: real estate marketing and email marketing

Based on recent findings from ExactTarget’s 2012 Channel Preference Survey, we’re going to share with you why we think Trump would agree that Agents should jump all over email marketing.

ExactTarget’s study found that more people share by email than they do by Facebook. In fact, a lot more.

Overall, email marketing was the number one way people share content with their friends and family members.

As a whole, only 33% said they share content on Facebook and only 5% said Twitter.

What’s great about this study was that it surveyed people across all age demographics, from 15 years old to over 65 years of age.

This is especially powerful: the study found that 77% of people said they want emails from companies they have an interest in.

Moreover, 91% of survey respondents said they check email every day. That’s more than any other communication channel.

So, what does this mean for you and your business?

Well, it means that you should take advantage of email marketing. People read emails, check emails, and if they’re interested in you, want your emails.

Yes, you can continue to use Facebook and Twitter and the like, as well as direct mail, and pay for advertisements. But the fact of the matter is email marketing can be very effective. And it’s fast and inexpensive.

What does this have to do with real estate CRM?

IXACT Contact is a powerful email marketing platform. If you’re using the IXACT Contact real estate CRM already, take advantage of our drip email marketing. IXACT has made it so easy to automate a lot of your email marketing communication which saves you time and energy.

And that’s not all. Using IXACT Contact, with the click of a button you can see email deliverability rates, bounce backs, and who’s actually paying attention to and reading your emails. This will enable you to continue making improvements to your email marketing so you can increase your effectiveness and results. And, with our Email Campaign Reporting feature, you’ll always know who your hot leads are.

Donald Trump would be impressed.

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Are you marketing to your leads through email? Are you keeping in touch with clients through email?

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