How to Get More Real Estate Leads by Using Reporting

real estate reportingMany of the savvy real estate marketers I know are big believers in email marketing – and it’s no wonder why!  According to a study by McKinsey, conversion rates to purchase are three times higher with email marketing than with social media! Email marketing is a cost effective way to keep in touch and stay top of mind with your prospects, leads and, past clients.

But do you ever wonder who exactly is clicking on the messages you’re sending out?   They may be people who are especially interested in your message and poised to be hot leads that  are ready to buy or sell a home!

An important and powerful part of email marketing is understanding which email messages are resonating with your audience, and who exactly they’re resonating with. That’s where Email Campaign Reporting comes in! IXACT Contact’s Reporting shows you exactly how many of your mass emails were opened, what links were clicked on, and who forwarded your message.  Armed with this information, you can reach out to hot leads and connect with them at the right time.

Let’s explore a real-world scenario that shows how Campaign Reporting makes you real money:

Suppose you just closed a terrific new listing.  (Congratulations!)  You create a Just Listed e-Flyer using one of our templates and send it out as a mass email to 328 people in your database who might be interested in this amazing home.

You wait a day or two, and then check your Email Campaign Reporting Dashboard where you can see the names of the people who not only opened your Just Listed e-Flyer, but also those who clicked on the big “Call to Action” hyperlink at the bottom of the e-Flyer to “Learn More About This Amazing Home”.

Maybe only 7 (or 17!) people clicked on your Call to Action link. But who are these 7 people?  They are potentially very high quality hot leads.

Why?  Because they not only opened your email and read the information about the listing, they clicked on the hyperlink to learn more.  They’ve demonstrated through their actions their interest in your listing!  And best of all, because they’re in your database, you already have some degree of existing relationship.

So you get on the phone and call these 7 people to see if they’d like to learn more about this home, and before you know it, you have 3 showings scheduled for tomorrow, and the home is sold within the week.  You did such a great job selling the home quickly that the seller gives you 3 referrals, 2 of which turn into new listings.

Without Email Campaign Reporting,  this probably would not have happened.  Without Email Campaign Reporting, potentially great leads remain hidden in your database.  Email Campaign Reporting turbo-charges the ROI on your email marketing and generates real-world commissions.  Take advantage of it in your business starting today.

Learn more about the Email Marketing features included with IXACT Contact, and sign up for your FREE 5 week trial today!