How a Real Estate CRM Can Keep You Organized


There’s a lot of positive psychology behind the idea of remaining organized. Staying organized is difficult because of all the clutter we accumulate, and there is never enough time to methodically sort everything into a coherent manner.

In the world of real estate, organization is essential; where misplaced documentation, files, or dates can have a damaging effect on a deal and on one’s reputation. Having the technology in place to serve as your personal assistant and organizational guru can make a world of difference.


7 ways a real estate CRM can help optimize your time and focus your priorities towards growing your business.

  1. A consolidated database

Real estate agents are constantly on the move and rarely sit still. With this level of activity, they need actionable information at their fingertips to be able to pivot on a dime. That means storing and retrieving information about clients including contact info, property related info, or notes from their last touch point. It can look highly unprofessional in the eyes of a client when basic information is forgotten or lost. IXACT Contact’s real estate CRM software makes it easy to pull it all together into one organized and easy-to-manage database.

  1. Master mobile 

Spoiler alert – more people are relying on their mobile devices for digital access than ever before. Today’s active real estate leaders aren’t anchored to desks, they’re constantly on the move and need the ability to schedule and set reminders for meetings and appointments in real-time.

With IXACT Contact’s Mobile CRM App and Google Sync functionality, it allows you to keep the most current information at your fingertips for a seamless transfer of data. Having all your contact data in one easy to manage real estate CRM is the ultimate centralization solution for busy agents. 

  1. Automated keep in touch call reminders

It’s a wise relationship-building tactic to always remain in close contact with your network. While it is almost literally impossible to reach out to everyone personally while still keeping your sanity, top real estate coaches and trainers suggest that you first segment your database and allocate your time accordingly. By breaking down your list, you can make quarterly calls with your A-level clients, semi-annual calls for the B-level, and annual calls for C-level clients. A real estate CRM has the functionality to help you stay in contact with the rest of your growing database without having the stress of going through it one by one.

Having e-mails and newsletters running while you’re actively running your business is the beauty of marketing automation, not to mention the cost-effective benefits it enables – but you can take it one step further with Automatic Lead Capture.

While you’re out on the go actively engaging your clients, your content is funneling in new leads all the time. Having to manually manage each new lead as it comes in can be a painstaking misuse of valuable time. With Automatic Lead Capture, you can automate the transfer of all your leads from any website or lead vendor into your IXACT Contact database. So whenever you get a new lead, you’ll immediately receive an email alert so you can respond quickly and convert that lead into a client before your competition gets a chance. You can also automate them into a pre-defined group, a drip email campaign, or even to a monthly newsletter contact list. Let the power of automation fuel your enterprise while you’re growing your business. 

  1. Active business management

Having a virtual transaction coordinator at your fingertips allows you to see all the listings you have at the moment and specific details as to where you stand with this particular account. Real estate agents are typically juggling multiple buyers and sellers at once, so having a real estate CRM platform in place that sends email reminders, uploads transaction-related documents, manages offers and tracks commissions is a key piece to the real estate arsenal. It also includes pre-populated activity plans for listings and closings that guide you through all the steps necessary to market and sell a home, or manage a successful closing. A CRM provides the ability to store and manage all of your transactions – including third parties related to a transaction, showings, and any subsequent contracts.

  1. Remembering key dates

Taking two seconds out of your day to reach out to clients on a special occasion can make a world of difference. To maintain this “keep in touch activity,” helps when you have a real estate CRM that keeps you informed of clients’ birthdays and home purchase anniversary dates! You would be surprised at how far a quick message on a birthday really goes.

  1. Run referral reports

Running reports and analyzing the data is vital to any organization to see where their energy is being spent and how well it’s paying off. A real estate CRM allows you to see who your top clients are, who has been referring you most often and where your clients are hearing about you. This will provide you with insight into your business and guidance on where to focus your efforts on.

Free yourself from the stress and anxiety caused by poor organization. By consolidating all your data into a single CRM database, having a single calendar and task list that you can access on your mobile, using automation to help you keep in touch, and managing your transactions professionally, you’ll regain your love for real estate sales. You’ll also have happier clients that’ll be more likely to refer you to others, and you’ll feel better about yourself and your chosen career. Perhaps best of all, you’ll sleep better at night!

Experience for yourself how IXACT Contact can help you be better organized and in control. It’s like having your own virtual assistant.

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