How to Discover Your “A-List” Clients

Use your real estate contact management software to group and categorize your databaseWe recommend that you group the contacts in your real estate contact management software. Many of our customers have A, B, and C lists for their clients and prospects. We’ll explain which contacts in your real estate database should be categorized in your A-List group.

There are some clients who aren’t likely to use your services again or refer much business to you. So don’t spend too much time and effort marketing to these people.

For your A-List, you want to focus on those who are, or could, become loyal to you.

Qualifying contacts in your real estate contact management software

Just ask yourself the following three questions when qualifying past clients for your A-List group:

  1. How did the client’s previous transaction(s) end? Were they happy with the service you provided them?
  2. How likely is the client to use your services again? If a client has said they would work with you again and if you continue to build the relationship in the right away, that person can be a fantastic source of referrals and repeat business.
  3. Do you want to work with the client again? You’ve probably worked with some difficult clients over the course of your career. If the client is unpleasant, unreasonable, tends to take up a great deal of your time, or is difficult to work with, you don’t want to focus your energy on them.

The process of qualifying past clients should be ongoing. Continually ask yourself the above questions. It’s a best practice to schedule at least a half an hour per month to review the people in your real estate contact management software. Remove the contacts from your A-List if they don’t meet the above criteria and add the ones that do.