It Pays to Be Optimistic in Real Estate Sales

Today’s blog post is a video by real estate coach and trainer and IXACT Contact affiliate, Richard Robbins of Richard Robbins International. Richard writes that it pays to be optimistic and he means that literally!

If you’re cringing thinking about how long it may take you to learn how to use a real estate CRM or worried that you may not have enough time, this negative thinking simply does more harm than good!

Here is Richard’s prelude to the video:

I read a study recently that revealed optimistic sales professionals outperform their pessimistic counterparts by as much as 56%. It clearly pays to be optimistic. I believe we have a choice to be optimistic or pessimistic. Unfortunately all too often, many of us get caught up in the drama of life and fall prey to scare-tactic, negative headlines.

My question to you is what plan do you have to saturate your mind with good stuff so you can combat pessimism and negativity? What great books are you reading, what great videos are you watching, what great audio tracks are you listening to? Let us know what you do to stay positive!

The original video blog by Richard Robbins can be found here.

Now, we would love if you’d leave a comment below answering one of the questions Richard has in his prelude!