How to Re-Connect with Clients Who’ve Slipped through the Cracks

Use a real estate contact management system to re-connect with clients who've slipped through the cracks.Nobody’s perfect. Despite your best intentions, you can lose contact with a past client or real estate lead. You may have a real estate contact management system and send out a monthly e-Newsletter, but have failed to make a phone call, pay a visit, or send an invitation to a seminar or event.

According to The Referral & Repeat Marketing Book, you should be staying in touch with past clients and referral sources — through a combination of direct mail, calls and personal contact — at least 17 times a year.

So what do you do when a client falls through the cracks?

The best way to re-establish contact is through a phone call. Here is a sample script:

“Hi Joan. This is John Smith calling, the Agent who helped you purchase your new home a couple of years ago.”

“I’m calling to apologize. Although I’ve sent you my real estate newsletter each month, I’ve neglected to contact you personally to see how you and your family are doing. It’s important to me that you’re enjoying your home and that you are not having any problems.”

“So, how have you enjoyed living in Richmond Heights these past two years?”

Chances are, you’ll receive a very positive response from a call like this one.

As the conversation ensues, you can update the client profile and get a sense of your client’s future plans. But never ask whether he/she is interested in selling or buying a home at this time. The purpose of this call is to build the relationship, not make a sales pitch.

After the call, follow-up with a handwritten real estate Thank You card.

Then, of course, make sure you maintain the correct frequency of contact with the client in the future. Your real estate contact management system can help you easily keep in touch by giving you the ability to set-up contacts on drip marketing campaigns, schedule quarterly keep in touch calls, send out just listed and just sold e-cards, and much more.

Takeaway point: It’s never too late to re-establish contact with a past client. Use the script we’ve outlined above to re-connect and then ensure you take the necessary steps to keep in touch and stay “top of mind” in the future.

Do you plan on re-establishing contact with one or more clients?