Using Your Real Estate Contact Management Software to Prioritize Your Leads

A real estate contact management software can help you group and categorize your real estate leadsToday’s blog post is a fantastic video by Chris Leader, President of Leader’s Edge Training and IXACT Contact affiliate. Chris discusses how you can prioritize the leads in your real estate contact management software by putting them into four separate groups: Group A, Group B, Group C, and Group D.

While you’re watching the video, keep in mind that IXACT Contact’s real estate contact management software makes it easy to categorize your leads into these four groups. In fact, Chris is a big supporter of IXACT Contact and recommends it to all of his coaching clients.

By grouping your database into distinct categories, you can easily send out targeted emails to different groups and know which people you should be calling more often and meeting with more to stay “top of mind.”

Enjoy the video (if you are unable to see the video due to receiving this blog post through email, please click on the title of the blog post):

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