5 Ideas for Compelling Real Estate Marketing Emails

5 Ideas for Compelling Real Estate Marketing EmailsYou may already be aware that email marketing is an important element to keeping in touch, building trust, and developing rapport with clients and prospects. But you may be thinking “What kinds of emails should I send to my clients? What should I include in the emails?”

Now, many real estate CRM systems, including IXACT Contact, have emails already created for you (in addition to drip marketing campaigns for different types of leads). However, we realize that many Agents like to customize these emails or create their own new emails in their own voice. In this blog post we outline five ideas for compelling marketing emails.

Creating Compelling Real Estate Marketing Emails:

1. Inspire. Send an email with an inspiring and positive message or quote. People love receiving these types of things.

2. Tell a story. Maybe you just worked with a client who was very happy with your services. Or perhaps you had an experience recently that your clients and prospects may find interesting or helpful to hear about. Be sure to let them know!

3. Provide resources. Send an email with a list of resources that your leads or clients would find useful. It’s easy to go on Google and compile a list of great articles that you can forward on.

4. Become a news source. Share some timely real estate news or interesting market data. This will help position you as an expert and authority in your field.

5. Make predictions. How do you think the industry as a whole or your particular market will do in the future? What will home sales look like? Share your thoughts and opinions. People love getting predictions. You might get emails back asking your thoughts on something else or what their personal opinion is. This is great because you’re sparking engagement and discussion, and best of all, you’re making it easy for people to remember you.

We hope that these five ideas for compelling real estate marketing emails have given you some food for thought. We’d love you to try a couple of them out and then let us know the feedback you get from your recipients.

Have you sent any of these kinds of emails in the past? Please leave a comment below!