How to Stay Connected With Your Growing Clientele

The family moves to a new apartment.

Real estate agents who only focus on generating new customers risk losing the long game. Continuous relationship building with both new and

current clients is vital to staying top of mind, expanding your network, and generating repeat and referral business.

Your current clients are the ones who can bring you referrals and ultimately more business – that is, if you’re top of mind. Staying connected with your clients is not only vital to your personal brand and business, but increasing your bottom line over the long-term.

Here’s how to stay top of mind with your real estate clients


Get to know your clients – beyond their name, number and email

Having a list of client names, emails, and phone numbers isn’t valuable if you don’t have the information you need to build lasting relationships. Developing a rich contact profile for each of your clients that includes details like their contact history, market interests, birthday, and move-in anniversary is the first vital step in staying connected with your clientele. Remembering details beyond the basics can go a long way in building lasting connections. It’s also these very details that you can use to develop and send relevant, valuable content to your clients that will make you difficult to forget.

Organize your contact database and make it work for you

Using a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), like IXACT Contact’s web-based CRM, to collect and organize your client information will help you stay on top of your clients’ needs and capture new referrals in one easy-to-manage system. Automated CRM’s will send you reminders to check in with your contacts and will keep your contacts organized by their interests and location, for example, so that you can send them information that is personalized and relevant to them at the right time. Strategically timed follow-ups are the key to hitting the right balance in communication frequency. You don’t want to communicate too little or not at all, but you also don’t want to communicate so frequently that your clients tune out.

Send consistent, meaningful messages

As you know, real estate is a relationship business and long-term business success is linked to whether or not you are helping your clients solve a problem. Developing helpful and meaningful content that you can consistently share with your leads and current client base is an easy way to engage, generate referrals, and land repeat business.

Here are a few ideas:

Send an automated monthly newsletter: Monthly e-news is a great way to consistently stay in touch with your clients throughout the year. One touch point every month isn’t overwhelming for your clients but it’s also timely enough to avoid being forgotten. Investing in a powerful real estate email marketing platform like IXACT Contact will give you access to high impact email marketing features that build professional and engaging email campaigns. See one of IXACT’s email samples.

Use a drip campaign: By using drip campaigns, you can automatically send targeted market insights to your clients at the right time. To keep your clients interested, don’t make the mistake of spamming them with useless information. Send them data, tips and community snapshots that they can use and take action on. IXACT has a library of over 125 strategically written emails to ensure you are delivering the right messages to your leads.

Get social: Creating a blog and using social media platforms is one of the best ways to stay top of mind with your clients online. Being consistently present in clients’ social media feeds by posting regularly reminds them of you and makes it so easy for them to share content from your blog, drip campaigns, and e-news with their networks – expanding your network for you!

Be the expert your clients know and trust

If you are seen as a trusted expert, contacts and clients are more than willing to reach out to you for information and make referrals. The best content marketing is about a topic that is connected or loosely connected to the real estate industry – like home renovations or new neighbourhood amenities – but isn’t overtly about you or your business.

As a real estate agent, you are already familiar with the fact that it’s more about the experience and the feeling than the house. The same applies to content marketing. Your goal is to become a broader resource than an agent, so that you are simultaneously strengthening your personal brand and positioning yourself as the expert in all things real estate related.

One easy and effective way that real estate agents are establishing themselves as experts is by building business directories using IXACT Contact’s built-in Business Directory feature. Whether you provide helpful checklists, video tips on how to pack for a move, or a blog post on transitioning children to a new school, you will become the “go-to” expert who stands out from the pack.

Remember: Gathering and organizing your client information is the first step

You can’t be top of mind, send relevant content to your clients, and stay in touch consistently if you don’t have your client data organized in a single system, ideally that is connected to your website. Whether it’s through referrals, a website call to action, or new, updated information for an existing client, always capture client data and contact information in your CRM.

Staying connected with your growing real estate client base is easy with IXACT contact. Start your FREE 5 week free trial of IXACT Contact now.

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