4 Signs You Aren’t Using Your CRM to its Fullest Potential

Automated systems allow businesses to operate more efficiently, while improving their productivity and profitability. A real estate agent is no different than any other small business in the sense that you have sales targets and business objectives you want to achieve, a pipeline of leads and prospects you’re working on qualifying and converting, and a laundry list of action items that keep piling up. The magic of a good real estate CRM is that it acts as your virtual assistant to keep you organized and in control, and to get more done in less time, no matter how busy you get.

Your CRM allows you to be in the driver’s seat and have total control over the complete client journey – from lead generation to the support and service you provide after you close.

Having a real estate CRM allows you to invest in the health and future of your business – and helps streamline all your important tasks. Functioning like a true assistant, you’ll receive automated task and appointment reminder emails to keep you on track with important dates, contact information and automated lead nurturing.

How CRM’s Can Transform Your Business

In order to get a clear overview of your customers, you need to help your CRM in order to help you. Having a platform that details all interactions you’ve had with your customer allows you to optimize your existing relationship with them while also winning back former customers. Now consider this, the average real estate agent is only spending because 89% of their time is spent bogged down on administrative tasks. It’s time to reverse those statistics.

Here are four red flags that signify you aren’t using your CRM to its potential – and your bottom line starts to suffer because of it.

  1. Hot Leads Start to Turn Cold 

When prospects aren’t nurtured properly, they will naturally start to drop off and look elsewhere for help. This could be a result of anything from a lack of follow through on your part, to failing to provide valuable resources or even demonstrate that you’re willing and able to go above and beyond for them.

TIP: Strike while the iron is hot and lean on your CRM to plug into your calendar strategic times to follow up, quick takeaways from your last meeting when it’s still fresh, and even plug them into your email automation program so that they receive regular touch points from you. Automated drip real estate email marketing campaigns helps nurture your leads to build your brand and credibility in the prospect’s mind so that you’re the one they select when they’re ready to move forward with an agent.

And with IXACT Contact’s CRM App, it makes it easy to stay connected when you’re on the go. It only takes a few minutes – but can translate into incredible results.

  1. You Can’t Find The Data You Need When You Need It

A real estate agent will bring in a flood of data, because you’re on the front lines with prospects everyday having conversations and learning what their goals and roadblocks are. However, it can be difficult to extract intelligence from this sea of data when there isn’t the proper framework in place to corral it. And what ultimately happens is a lot of wasted time and energy when you have to play catch up and go through all your past notes and scramble to put a plan in place.

TIP: Having a keep in touch dashboard in your CRM allows you to manage all your activities and communications in one consolidated place. You can structure your marketing events; build your business directory, plus have automated anniversary and meeting reminders – all in one convenient place! This allows you to aggregate your data so you don’t have to sift through and burn through time that could be better spent building your business. Consider this the heart and soul of your CRM.

  1. Marketing Communications are Few and Far Between

Real estate is a world build on relationships – and in order to stay top of mind, you need to stay on top of your marketing communications, and a lot of this will rely on your digital follow through. When you’ve earned a new contact, they expect frequent emails and touch points that provide your value to them, but when the demands of everyday life force your marketing to drop off, your database will look elsewhere.

TIP: The key lies in automation. Instead of manually typing up emails to nurture your prospects and flushing away your time, automated nurture emails and e-Newsletters are the secret weapons for top producing real estate professionals. Plus you have the added benefit of having professionally designed and written email newsletters by real estate marketing experts for fresh content to help you stand out in a cluttered inbox.

Whether your audience are buyers, sellers, FSBOs or renters – you can sleep well knowing that your marketing messages are being delivered at regular intervals and convey value to your contacts.

  1. Key Follow-Ups are Missed

Don’t make the mistake of relying on your memory or your scribbled sticky notes when it comes to important dates. There is no great customer service mistake than neglecting to follow up with a prospect when promising to do so. This shows a complete lack of commitment on an agents’ part that reflects poorly on their overall professionalism. Clients expect you to be 100% there during this critical time in their lives, and if it appears like your mind in elsewhere – they will be taking their business elsewhere.

TIP: Pull all your data together into one organized and easy-to-manage database that clearly outlines a contact’s profile with complete email correspondence and touch points throughout your history. This allows you to see your entire communication history, and when to schedule automated follow up reminders that save you time – and help you communicate in a professional way. And when you’re on the go, all it takes is one tap on your mobile app to make a call or send an email or text, followed by an automatic prompt to make a note or create a follow-up task.

Key Takeaway

Having a real estate CRM is like having a powerful assistant in your pocket – so when you switch from desktop, to mobile to tablet – your assistant travels with you keeping you ahead of the curve.

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