IXACT Contact Launches Stunning New User Interface and Features for a More Engaging Customer Experience

We at IXACT Contact are pleased to announce the introduction of an entirely new version of our widely-used real estate CRM and marketing automation system that features a new visually stunning user interface. Striving to provide the best possible experience for our users, we have kept the intuitive ease-of-use that our CRM is famous for, but with a fresh, modern look that’s easy on the eyes, and works beautifully on everything from mobile devices to today’s high-res monitors. Real estate sales moves fast, and the new version of IXACT Contact is faster than ever to help real estate agents get more done in less time.

The transition for existing IXACT Contact users will be painless as all the features and functionality you have come to love remain unchanged, but your experience working with the software will be elevated to a whole new level.

At IXACT Contact we pride ourselves on listening carefully to the feedback of our customers, and continuing to upgrade the program to meet your evolving needs. This latest release anticipates those needs and brings in some fresh new features along with the powerful standards IXACT Contact customers have come to expect.

The new version of IXACT Contact includes a new ‘Dashboard’ that provides you with a visual snapshot of your entire business from a single screen.  You can customize their Dashboard by adding insightful ‘widgets’ that highlight different aspects of your business.  You can choose widgets that display the status of all your leads, highlight progress against key financial and activity goals, summarize key data related to listings and closings, and much more.

Two new functional modules have also been added to IXACT Contact that will help you to be even more successful in managing and growing your business. The first new module is Goal Setting and Tracking, which allows you to set detailed financial and activity goals, and to track your progress toward those goals. Goal Setting and Tracking gives you the ability to plan and manage your entire business within the system in a way that just isn’t possible in most real estate CRMs.

The second new module is the Business Pipeline, which make it very easy for you to manage the status of all your leads, clients, and referral sources, and to see and manage your business pipeline from a “big picture” perspective.  IXACT Contact’s new Business Pipeline, combined with Goal Setting and Tracking, gives real estate sales professionals business planning and management capabilities rarely found in real estate CRM solutions.

This new version of IXACT Contact represents the largest single upgrade to the system since it was first launched nine years ago.  The new version is much more than just a new look or ‘skin’; it’s an entirely new platform designed and developed to deliver the industry’s leading real estate CRM and marketing automation solution well into the next decade.  It’s flexible, responsive, fast, and attractive.

In recognition of the importance of this milestone in the company’s growth,we are also excited to introduce a major refresh of our corporate branding that better reflects our company’s understanding of, and commitment to, the CRM and marketing needs of today’s leading real estate agents.  The new IXACT Contact Logo has a friendly modern look that characterizes the brand as bold, effective, and easy to use.

The corporate rebranding also includes a new public website that reflects our focus on the key business and marketing challenges faced by real estate sales professionals everywhere.  The new website makes it easier than ever for you to find the information you need to select the right CRM solution. Like our CRM software, the new website has a friendly, modern look and feel, and demonstrates a deep understanding of the real-world issues and challenges real estate agents face on a daily basis.

With today’s announcement, We have positioned ourselves to be the real estate CRM of choice for real estate agents, teams, and brokerages looking for a next-generation solution that features an elegant and responsive user interface, powerful marketing automation capabilities, a rich library of professionally written real estate content, and ‘Concierge’ customer service and support.

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