Power-Up Your Real Estate Email Marketing

real estate email marketingEffective real estate email marketing is more than a single campaign – it’s the heart of your online marketing strategy. We recently found some great tips from Inc. magazine that explain how to power up your email marketing and improve your database! We’re sharing the highlights here, along with our own insights for real estate agents!

  1. Promote your email opt-in as you would any other service. Too many agents have a lead capture form that is stale and uninteresting. Your opt-in should make visitors want to register for your email list! Explain the benefits of your content. Include calls-to-action for your email list on various pages your website. Include sign-up invitations in your social media posts and blog posts.
  2. Spruce up your real estate landing pages and website content. If your website content offers little value, visitors won’t see much reason to opt-in to your emails! Provide information of value without making visitors dig for it. Content should be robust, relevant and timely. Market conditions are always changing, but many agents do not update their websites for years at a time!
    When referring to your website in an email message, be sure to point back to a specific page that is relevant to the topic of discussion. Do not ping-pong your website visitors and email readers back and forth without a purpose. Your ultimate goal is to have the prospect contact you directly.
  3. Have responsive web design. Your real estate website and emails should be viewable on multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. If your prospect cannot read your content on the first try, they will not return to your website, and they may ignore your future email messages.
  4. Make your email messages memorable. Use the recipient’s name in the email. Create email content that makes the most of your local real estate expertise. Use specifics whenever possible, including the names neighborhoods in your market, community events, and places of interest. Establish a connection with your reader, and build rapport!

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