Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Getting Client Testimonials?

A real estate CRM can help with getting client testimonialsTake this quiz to learn if you’re doing all you can to maximize the number of testimonials you get; how much do you really know about getting client testimonials? At the end of the quiz, add up your “True” answers and see how well you did! Keep in mind that a real estate CRM is essential to helping you do many of the below items.

1. I have a blurb in my signature that lets my clients and prospects know I value testimonials T/F

2. I look out for positive comments I get via email exchanges and politely ask if I can use certain comments as testimonials T/F

3. With the help of my real estate CRM, I make sure my client gets the best service possible T/F

4. I know the right time to ask for a client testimonial and have a script I’ve practiced so when I ask, it sounds natural T/F

5. I share with my clients my previous testimonials and let them know I’m proud when I receive one T/F

6. I harness the power of social media to engage with my clients. When they write something positive about me (perhaps they wrote a nice LinkedIn recommendation) I ask to use that comment as a testimonial T/F

7. I make sure to regularly keep in touch with my best clients so I’m “top of mind.” This increases the likelihood they will contact me, refer me to others, and provide me with a great testimonial (a real estate CRM is key to this) T/F

8. I make check-in calls to my clients to see how well I’m doing in meeting their service expectations and if there’s anything I can do better (often times, clients will say great things about you during these calls) T/F

9. At the end of each client transaction, I send a survey to my clients asking them for feedback on their service experience with me T/F

10. I regularly scan the web or set up Google Alerts so if someone mentions my name on the internet, I am alerted to it. If I see a positive comment about me, I’ll ask to use that as a testimonial T/F

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How well did you do?!

Less than four true answers:

While your clients may be very happy with the service you provide, you’re not doing all you can to capture great testimonials for your business. Don’t fret; it’s not too late to begin implementing some of the suggestions in this quiz.

Four to six true answers:

You know a fair amount about how to get client testimonials but there’s still more you can be doing. We hope you found the creative suggestions in this quiz helpful and that you put them into practice soon!

Seven or more true answers:

When it comes to getting client testimonials, you know quite a bit! You likely have a lot of great testimonials that you’re able to leverage. Congratulations, you’re on the right track!

We’d love to know how well you scored. Please leave a comment below!

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