Benefits of a Real Estate CRM

cropped19I’m always shocked when an Agent confesses that they don’t use a real estate CRM.  Don’t they know how much easier their day-to-day tasks would be if they used the right tools?

Having the right real estate contact management system can help you merge your real estate marketing efforts with your business process, allowing you to focus in on both current and prospective clients in a way that is timely, relevant, personalized, and most importantly, efficient and effective.

Here are just a few ways the right CRM can help:

Create a centralized system for all your contact information

Unlike contact databases, such as those provided by Outlook and other email tools, or old fashioned address books, a real estate CRM allows you to hold both your current and prospective client information all in one place, making it easily accessible from anywhere, even on-the-go. You can also automatically capture information submitted through an online form on your website.

Not only will your contact information be easier to organize, but the profile features offered by IXACT Contact will allow you to store more complete client information such as home and work addresses, occupation, email address, contact information, birthdays, special interests, mortgage details, as well as lead source and referral information.

Keep better track of all your appointments and tasks

A real estate contact management system can also keep you organized in other ways by allowing you to store appointment and task information right next to your client data.

IXACT Contact’s Smartphone and Google Synchronization allow you to automatically sync contact data, as well as calendar and task information right to your smartphone or your Google account, so you’ll never miss an important appointment or to-do list item again.

Keep in touch and better nurture your network

Strong relationships are the key to a successful real estate business. If your clients don’t feel like they have your attention, they could soon be looking for a new Agent. With an Agent CRM, it’s easy to stay in contact with all your clients, giving them the personalized approach they want and deserve.

Create multiple contact groups to separate prospective clients from new clients. Organize contacts by criteria such as first-time homebuyers, soon-to-be retirees, growing families or by other factors including hobbies or interests.

Provide specialized messaging to all your contact groups, all from one easy to use system.

When you’re using the right CRM, the benefits to your real estate marketing efforts are endless. See for yourself how IXACT Contact can help you to grow and nurture your client base.

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