What Do Past Real Estate Clients Want?

cropped20Today I’m sharing a blog with you from Morris Marketing Group.  They share some valuable information about what your past clients crave from you as their Agent.

It’s pretty easy to figure out what clients want from you during a transaction. They want you to help them buy or sell a home quickly, get the best possible deal, and make the entire process go smoothly. But what do past clients want from you in the months and years after a transaction? That’s an important question to answer because if you can give past clients what they want, then you have a much greater chance of getting their repeat business and referrals.

What do past clients want?

1. They want to know you’re still available, should they need help.

You don’t want to give the impression that you have disappeared after the transaction has been completed. Staying in touch regularly — with calls, emails, and visits — for the first 90 days is crucial. Then, regular contact through your direct mail newsletters and personal calls and visits is a must.

2. They want to feel comfortable contacting you with questions or for recommendations.

Even when you stay in touch, some past clients will not feel comfortable calling you when they have a question or need help. That is why it is important to constantly remind them that you are available should they have a question about the local real estate market or need a contractor recommendation. When a past client contacts you, that is a strong indication of loyalty.

3. They want the personal touch every once in a while.

Direct mail is a powerful and effective contact strategy and it works even better when complemented with personal calls, emails, and visits. So pick up the phone and say “hello” every once in a while. Send birthday cards and other greetings. You can also schedule Annual Homeowner’s Check-ups for your best past clients. Or for groups of clients, put together a client appreciation event, such as a movie night.

Takeaway point

Build trust with your past clients by giving them what they want and they’ll give you what you want: more repeat business and referrals. 

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