Stand out from Competitor Real Estate Agents-A Few Key Tips: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our two-series blog on how to stand out from your competitors in real estate! In today’s blog, we dive deeper and show you how to become dominant in the competitive real estate market.

Part 1 of this series mentioned three key points that include: being active on social media, creating your own agent website, and staying connected to your clients and leads through e-newsletters. This blog post will focus on how to elevate your real estate brand and enable you to stand out from your competitors.

4. Nurture relationships with past clients.

Keeping in touch with past clients plays a vital role in marketing yourself as the best real estate agent. Do you stay in contact with your clients months and even years after the sale?

This is where a lot of real estate agents go wrong. After the deal closes, they’re on to the next transaction and the next lead. As a result, the client they have just helped to buy or sell a home is ‘out of sight and out of mind.’

After the sale is made, it’s crucial to keep in touch with past clients. This includes regular keep in touch calls and reaching out on birthdays, move-in anniversaries, and holidays. These touch points may seem small, yet this process will ultimately help you build your referral business. Above all, sustaining a relationship with your clients means connecting with them and keeping in touch on a regular basis long after the sale.

But what if you’re crazy busy? This is where an automated service that sends out birthday and holiday greetings to your clientele comes in handy. It is a win-win for both you and your clients.

5. Use your mobile to be reachable and responsive.

The real estate industry runs non-stop. In a matter of five minutes, a lead could become a committed client of another real estate agent. Being active on your phone is key. This means responding to all phone calls or making notes to follow up with prospects or clients.

Ensuring that you have the most reliable mobile app is important. With a resourceful real-estate CRM mobile app, you have the ability to respond to leads, keep in touch with your clients, and create tasks and appointments.

Inman reports that “agents need to move beyond email blasts and postcards targeted at their entire audience to targeting the needs of individual consumers.” With the market targeting millennials, agents need to adapt to more mobile-friendly resources. In other words, be active on your mobile phone.

6. Bottom Line: Stay Organized.

Do you struggle with the chaos of a hectic schedule? Are you using sticky notes to track important dates and commitments? At the pace of real estate today, sticky notes simply don’t cut it. Slowly but surely, these age-old methods are disappearing as real-estate agents are realizing that their leads are slipping through the cracks within minutes. It all starts with an unreturned phone call or email from a hot lead, a no-show at a home showing or even a client’s birthday that you’ve completely missed. As a result, these are all surefire ways to alienate important contacts and tarnish your all-important brand.

Using a powerful CRM tool that reminds you of significant appointments, tasks, birthdays, anniversaries, important client information, and even referral history can make a world of difference. Suddenly, you have more time and less stress, and the ability to manage your current clients while gaining new business.


The busy fall season is a great opportunity to inject new energy into your marketing and boost your profile as THE agent to work with in your town. Being a reliable and committed agent is always rewarding. When you’re known as the agent that stays in touch, is reachable, responsive, organized, and professional, your business will bloom!