Stand out from Competitor Real Estate Agents- A Few Key Tips: Part 1


As a real estate agent, you want to take advantage of the growing market during this time, so how do you separate yourself from the competition? How do you capture more than your fair share of hot prospects, and how do you ensure that past clients call you when thinking of buying or selling a home this season?

In this two-part series, we will show you how to stand out as a real-estate agent in a competitive market, specifically during a busy time!

1. Get your name out there. Digitally.

This may be something you’ve heard of before, but maybe not in the way you expect. Sure, door-to-door marketing and flyers may have once worked, but they may also be a thing of the past. Building an online presence can really make you stand out from the competition. A unique website, customized to your real estate brand will help promote your service. Think about it. A flyer can get lost in the mail or thrown out and door-to-door knocking isn’t always effective. Digital marketing is your friend and a website definitely solidifies this.

2. Build your presence on social media.

Everyone is using social media and that includes your prospects and past clients. Why not also highlight your social media presence on widely-used social media channels? With that in mind, you may have a busy schedule and it may be hard to post frequently.

With an automated social media curating service, it is easier to stay up-to-date with your leads and clients on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. What’s even better is having high-quality content on your social media linked to a branded lead page. This is a total win-win situation for both you and your future clients.

3. Keep in Touch regularly.

Are you regularly keeping in touch with your existing customers? Do you send them e-newsletters, birthday cards or other holiday greetings? If you answered no, you’ve got an opportunity to improve your keep in touch marketing.

Picture this. It is already fall and you have clients in your database who are not looking for homes. However, chances are they have family and friends who are looking to purchase or sell a home during this time of year. This is where keeping in touch comes into play. Sending your past customers regular keep in touch communications such as birthday and move-in anniversary e-Cards, holiday greetings, and a monthly e-newsletter will help build loyal long-term relationships. Your clients will remember your name and then refer you to their prospective buyer contacts!


Being one of the busiest seasons in real estate, you want ensure you are well-prepared. Re-evaluate the system you’re currently using to keep track of leads and past clients. Are you currently on social media or even searchable online? Are you regularly keeping in touch with those on your contact list?

This is an exciting time to get your name out into the spotlight, so why not take the opportunity to do so and stand out from the competition! Stay tuned for our next blog where will share more key ways in getting your real estate name into the hands of hopeful buyers!

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