Start the New Year off Right- Find out How!

This past week, IXACT Contact tag-teamed with RETechnology to bring you a webinar that will surely help you out in the new year. How many times have you made a new year’s resolution to better organize your business, manage your contacts, follow-up with everyone in your database, and overall just be a better, more reliable real estate agent?

Our webinar, “Make 2020 your Best Year Ever with the Best CRM,” is just the tool for you. Over the course of the webinar, Shannon McGee, Sales Director of IXACT Contact, shows how to organize and manage your contacts, keep in touch and get more referrals, plan for success with new goal setting and tracking features, double your business, and much more!

Whether you are tired of doing the same mundane tasks everyday or find that your life is chaos, this webinar will surely help you out. At the end of the webinar, you will not only come out with a better understanding of how IXACT Contact works, but how a next-generation real estate CRM and Marketing Automation software is your ultimate solution to bigger, better and more organized business in 2020.

Watch our one-hour webinar with RETechnology and take advantage of our exclusive webinar offer of a 60-day FREE trial of IXACT Contact!