Tell Tale Signs of Poor Real Estate Contact Management

I’m often asked by Agents why they should care about contact management.  It looks like work to them and they’d rather be out and about.  Here’s the answer: Being an Agent is a tough job, but doing a poor job of contact management makes a tough job even tougher.

Every agent has heard about contact management, and many believe they are doing a good job of it.  Yet few are actually doing it properly, or reaping the potential rewards of good contact management. Many simply don’t have a real estate CRM system that makes contact managament easy.

So what are some of the tell tale signs that you may not be doing as great a job as you could at contact management?  Here’s just a few:

  1. Your contact data is all over the place.  Some is in your smartphone, some is in Outlook, some is in your website, and some more is scribbled on pieces of paper, notebooks and yellow sticky notes.
  2. You’re frustrated because it’s so hard to find the information you need when you need it.   Too often, the information you can find is incomplete, inaccurate or conflicting.
  3. You feel guilty because you miss commitments and appointments.
  4. You feel embarrassed when you meet a client and forget critical personal information that client has shared with you previously.
  5. You hesitate to call contacts because, quite frankly, you don’t know what to talk about.
  6. You feel out of control and constantly “behind the 8-ball”.

Do any of these signs ring a bell with you?  If so, you’re a normal agent struggling to do the best you can at a challenging job.  In my next post, I’ll look at how doing a good job at contact management can make an Agent’s job significantly easier and less stressful. To sign up for a free, 5-week trial of IXACT Contact real estate CRM, visit our website at