Everyday Benefits of Good Real Estate Contact Management

In my last post I outlined some of the tell-tale signs that you may not be doing as good a job at contact management as you think – or should. Now let’s turn the tables for a moment and look at some of the day-to-day benefits of practicing solid contact management and using a powerful and easy to use real estate software.
• Imagine for a second, if you had all your contact data in a single easy to access and easy to use database? How good would that be??
• Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could recall the exact details of your last conversation with a prospect and impress them with your professionalism?
• Wouldn’t you love to feel totally comfortable calling all your clients and prospects because you knew you had something relevant to chat with them about??
• How good would it be if your past clients called YOU between transactions seeking your advice on home related services because they viewed you as the expert??

These are the kind of things that happen for Agents who focus on making contact management a “core competence” in their business! If you’re not using a real estate software that allows you to do all these things quickly and easily, you’re missing out. You can sign up for a risk free trial of IXACT Contact here.